Recovery Face Serum

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Recovery Face Serum is a superior antioxidant concentrated serum to make your skin hydrated, softer and younger-looking. This high-performance, silky-smooth serum contains vitamin-derived antioxidants, soothing anti-aging plant extracts and Peptides, the ideal assortment of beneficial ingredients for your skin. This recovery serum amplifies your skin’s hydration and fends off environmental assault for a refreshed, more even-looking complexion

Delivers potent antioxidants and superior skin-replenishing and -hydrating ingredients to skin in a silky-smooth transparent serum fluid. This unique combination addresses the appearance of wrinkles, improves the feel of firmness, uneven skin tone, and leaves skin looking perfectly radiant. Recovery Serum will help to balance and revitalize skin, leading to a healthier, radiant appearance.

Treat your skin morning and/or evening by applying 2-3 pumps to face, under eyes, and neck after cleansing. Follow by using 3 in 1 Face Cream.

Key ingredients:
Hexapeptide-8 | Red Seaweed | Hyalorinic Acid | Niacinamide | Proline | Algea

Suited to normal, sensitive, combination, oily and patchy skin.

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